Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Playrooms & and Adventures at Ikea

I'm kind of giddy. We went to Ikea, and we got the goods: 12 frames for my b&w gallery wall (and a few extras, of course). Someone in this family is going to have a good Saturday, and it's not going to be Mr. Hubs. You see, he'll be the one hanging said frames, and well, he hates it it's not his favorite thing to do.

We almost didn't make it to Ikea, and we probably shouldn't have gone. Stella said that her tummy hurt, so we decided to stay home. After I finally convinced her to eat something, she suddenly felt better, and said, "Let's go somewhere." So, off we went. We made it to Ikea, but about 10 minutes into shopping, her tummy hurt again, and off to the bathroom she went. Let's repeat that about 10 more times, and throw in the fact that she still hates public restrooms, got nervous, and overshot her pee pee onto her panties. Long story short, we got everything we needed, but one of us left without any underwear. On a semi-related note, check out these adorable kids' spaces, where there are no automatic flushers involved and kids wear underwear.
image from Apartment Therapy
image from Decor Pad
image from Family Fun


  1. Automatic flushers....if it's not on the wall and part of the back of the toilet, put a piece of toilet paper over the sensor. Works like a charm

    1. Oh yes, we ALWAYS cover the "eyes" aka the automatic flusher sensors. These toilets didn't even have auto flushers, she still gets nervous over how loud they are! And then there was the fact that she just wasn't sure what was going on with her tummy pains!

  2. Oh, Ikea…talk about a love/hate relationship. I love how cheap and modern their furniture is, but it’s ALWAYS a pain to go there. Throw in a toddler still trying to figure out what’s a normal stomach sensation vs. real pain and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen. At the very least it sounds like you had {mostly} successful visit. Can’t wait to see the new gallery wall in action!

  3. After three kids, we have totally done that so many time! They have gone commando more times than I have in my life :)

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