Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess Who Sleeps Here

I'm always curious to see celebrity homes. Well, actually I'm always curious to see anyone's home. I have to feed my addiction somehow! I came across these celebrity bedrooms in Elle Decor. See if you can guess who sleeps where. Here are your choices:

a)Ellen Pompeo b)Cindy Crawford c)Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick d)Donatella Versace e)Meg Ryan

number one

number two

number three

number four

number five

one(c): Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
two(e): Meg Ryan
three(a): Ellen Pompeo
four(d): Donatella Versace
five(b): Cindy Crawford


  1. Which one is your favorite? I love #5 followed closely by #1.

  2. I think I'll have to go with number one. I'm a sucker for all white bedding!


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