Monday, February 7, 2011

Five Must Have Home Accessories

I think it's time I tell you about my other man--Nate Berkus. I've never been into talk shows, so I was excited when he started a show about interior design (and this, that, and the other). I'll be honest, the first time I watched the show, I was a little bit disappointed. I wanted less serious talk and more interior design talk. But, now I love it. I record it every day, and, as nerdy as it is, I sometimes take notes. Okay, I said it. I take notes. Let's move on.

I decided to start a repeating post titled, "Nate Says." This is kind of a joke at our house, because many a time, I share Nate's advice with my hubby. I start the sentence with, "Nate says..." Jeremy laughs at me, but I know he secretly loves it and probably takes notes himself. So, with that being said, this post is about Nate's five must have home accessories.
1) Mirrors
image from Decor Pad
image from Casa Sugar
image from Design Files
image from Material Girls
image from Real Living
image from Real Living
3)Something from Nature
image from Nesting Newbies
image from Rol Vn

4) Silver Frames
image from Pottery Barn
image from Pottery Barn

5)Original Art or Sculpture
image from B-Metro
image from Life in a Venti Cup

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  1. Can your something from nature be a big dead bull elk? Cause that's what we have on our wall.


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