Monday, March 21, 2011

Making a (VERY LARGE) Statement

Pet peeves: personalized license plates that no one can understand except for the person who made it up, stopping for a pedestrian just to have them wave you on (you go, no you go), and great, big walls with just a few itty bitty pictures. Let's not participate in any of these activities, kay?

I know it can be overwhelming to fill a large wall. You think it has to be just the right piece and that it will be too expensive. You're partly right. But, guess what? Making a big statement doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Three words: Do It Yourself. It can be cheap AND easy, and aren't those our two favorite words?

(I'm pretty sure the person who's house that is in the Perfect Gray picture came to my house, saw my door art, and then went home and copy catted it. Just sayin'.)
image from Paula Caravelli

image from Darryl Carter

image from Perfect Gray

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