Monday, May 23, 2011

Animal Print Done Right

I am writing this post on Saturday night. Stella is asleep. Jeremy is at the gym. We had quite the day starting with cleaning our church, running errands, going to a big picnic at a fabulous park, then stopping at Nordstrom Rack. I mean, that alone is hard work. You know how I feel about digging. (It overwhelms me.)

Anyway, I have the television on, but of course, nothing is on. So, Jerseylicious it is. I can't say that I watch this show, but I'll be honest, I have seen it before. It's ridiculous, and talk about animal print done wrong. Holy cow! Are these people for real? The big hair, the fake nails, the tans. Over. The. Top. I've never seen such a thing.

On the contrary, animal print can, in fact, be done right. Use it sparingly, just like you would in your wardrobe. As for the Jerseylicious girls, I'm afraid I'll have to change the channel. Yes, it's that bad. Seinfeld reruns it is.
image from John Coolidge

image from Decor Pad

image from Eclectic Revisited

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