Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Traditions

In my dreams, I'd LOVE to have a space like one of these for a nice Memorial Day BBQ and some great conversation. Oh, and can I also get the view in the House Beautiful image?

Memorial Days of the past weren't always about BBQs and friends. They were a lot different. When my maternal grandparents were living, my mom, sister, little brother, and I would wake up early and pick up my grandparents, Lionel and LaVon--if that doesn't give you a clue to just how cute they were, I don't know what will! They were such amazing people. Amazing.

Anyway, we would go to about three different cemeteries and place fake flowers on different family members' headstones. Then, we would drive way out to where my Grandpa grew up. Then, we would drive even further to where my grandma grew up, and she would show us where her house was. They always had such good stories to share.

To end the day, my grandparents would treat us all to lunch at Bennett's (which was the best drive-in in town--remember the crunch cones and piccadillies, peeps from Delta?). They would always tip the carhop a quarter, which was so nice, because the carhops didn't usually get tips! Oh, how sweet!

Regardless of your Memorial Day traditions, we should all make a point to remember all of our fallen soldiers who have done so much for each and everyone of us in this great country. Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and enjoy spending time with family and friends.
image from House Beautiful

image from Armonia Decors

image from House Beautiful

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