Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Bold with Color

Are you a bold person? Some of you are probably very bold, always saying exactly what you are thinking; daring to wear whatever, whenever. You are adventurous and fearless, and you don't hesitate to break the rules. I think I can be bold, but I wouldn't say I'm generally a bold person.

Once I was very bold. I told a group of smokers who were blocking an entrance exactly how rude they were being by forcing people to walk through their smoke. I may or may not have said a few other choice words. (This was after I politely asked them to move, and they made some rude remarks to me.) Either way, it was a bold move. Immediately after, I got in the car and cried at what I had said. Maybe I'm not bold. I mean, really, if I'm going to be bold, I can't cry about it afterwards.

Nate's Tips for Going Bold with Color
(1) Take a risk and go for it
(2) Start with a small space (powder room or foyer)
(3) Anchor bold colors with white
image from Chicago Home & Garden
image from Bohemia
image from Ideal Home


  1. Pretty rooms! I especially like the yellow one! If I had the money to buy what I want and decorate however I like ... I would have a very rustic (but not country) mountain home and a beach chic oceanside cottage! Unfortunately I am broke and living in dry, flat Oklahoma! :)

    I had to chuckle at your bold experience since I would have been crying right beside you! I'm generally very quiet but when my feathers get sufficiently ruffled I will speak out! Unfortunately that is usually followed by a crying jag! :(

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS Day!


  2. Love all the bold colors and looks! I can relate with you on the fact that every time I am bold and tell someone what I think...I end up feeling bad. I too have shed tears after a confrontation!


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