Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Complete Preciseness

My name is Jamie, and I am OCD. Seriously, I catch myself doing things during the day and think to myself, "Self, is that necessary?" (Let's not even discuss my conversations with myself.) Ever seen Sleeping with the Enemy? Well, the bad guy likes his food cans perfectly lined up with the labels out. My cupboards look just like that, except I'm not a murderer. Today I was putting the clean kitchen towels away. Towels for cleaning go on the left. Towels for drying hands go on the right. Sounds (kinda) normal enough, right? Did I mention that I rotate my towels, so that they all get used the same amount of times? I also rotate my plates. I think you get the point.

Since there's no turning back in admitting my craziness organization, let's discuss one more issue: Stella hides her toys. It is going to drive me to insanity, people. Why do I care? Because, I can't stand having incomplete sets of things. Her magnetic numbers--she's hid the three and the four. (She always hides the three and the four.) Sure, I should be concerned that my daughter may learn to count one, two, five, six...but my real concern is, "WHERE COULD A TWO YEAR OLD POSSIBLY HIDE THOSE MAGNETS?!" Don't even get me started on the blue cube and yellow triangular blocks that are missing.

On that note, let's take a deep breath and look at these pictures of pure organization, bliss, serenity, sanity...
image from Apartment Therapy
image from Fifi Cheek
image from Martha Stewart


  1. I wish that I could be that organized and feel like I'm going crazy. I say that only because my hubby would definitely say that I was.

  2. I'm new to your blog and love it already! I have two little boys who do the same thing. I find matchbox cars in the strangest places...

  3. Sounds perfectly normal to me! I'm exactly the same way – I'm so particular when it comes to the way everything is so that things are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Don't get me started on the books on my bookcase! :)

    It's funny you mention "Sleeping with the Enemy." I always liked that movie for the scene near the end of the movie where she opens up her pantry and all of the cans are perfectly straight and orderly. Who knew a pantry full of orderly cans could be so completely frightening!

  4. Check the vents for anything missing. Just speaking from experience.


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