Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Plain Ol' Good Ideas

So it's the last day of the week of organization. (Technically, you still have Saturday, but we don't do that type of thing at our house on Saturdays. Saturdays are for messing up the house, or so some people in this household may think. How did you do? I can't say I did any major, life-changing projects, but I did something each day--mostly things I've been putting off. I organized Stella's bows; I cleaned out my side of the closet; I cleaned out my dresser drawers; I finally vacuumed, wiped out, AND washed the car (in a car wash, of course); and I cleaned and organized my desk, which has been the home of lots and lots of random piles of papers. I've only been in this house for a year, so I didn't have a ton of stuff to get rid of (plus, I throw things away on a daily basis, it's what we OCDers do). I also have a hard time getting rid of clothing, even if I haven't worn it for a while. Oh well, at least I made some progress!

Today I'm posting pics of good organization ideas I've come across. One reader is looking for ideas on organizing shoes, so let us know your ideas. At our house, we have a basket in the entry, and we use shoe shelves in our closet, which, by the way, aren't even tall enough for the pumps I wear, so I just have to line those up on the floor. The crown molding idea would definitely solve my problem.

And, last, but not least, check out The Scoop on Poop today. She's featuring me and my lil' ol' bloggy, [kreyv]. Oh, and one more thing...have a great weekend!!
image from Chiswick Woodworking
image from Creating Keepsakes
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Living in a Nutshell
image from Thea's Mania

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