Thursday, October 27, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Framed Sticks

We all know I have a gigantic love for sticks.  There are sticks in Stella's room, the powder room, AND the living room (both in a planter and in my sunburst mirror). I just can't get enough, which is lucky for me, because I have found something else to do with lovely sticks! Plus, I still have a couple rooms without sticks...don't want them to feel left out.

I came across this beauty on Pinterest.  The original post and tutorial can be found at Cleverly Inspired. She made the entire project for only two dollars.  Two dollars people! That is next to nothing for this giant piece of awesomeness. (Hmmm, didn't think awesomeness was really a word, but I didn't get a big red line under it, so I guess it is.  Good, because I meant it.) Definitely going to copycat this one! Love it!
image from Cleverly Inspired


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