Monday, October 24, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Stella's Pumpkin

I know I don't typically (well, ever) post [so cheap, so easy] projects on Mondays, but I suddenly realized that Halloween is only one week away! We've already gone to one party and have at least one more. (Click here to see my cute little Cookie Monster in action.)We're having lots of fun enjoying Halloween and the beautiful fall weather. 

Stella is nearing two, and it's so fun to have her enjoy the festivities. A couple of weeks ago, Stella decorated her "pump." I wanted her to be able to do it by herself, but I also wanted it to be cute, because cute is important! I think I found a good solution, and there was even a little bit of learning involved, too! I bought black, felt letters/numbers from Michaels. I peeled the backs off, and Stella stuck them on the pumpkin. So easy, even a two year old can do it!
Start with a CLEAN pumpkin. No idea why she likes to lick the thing.
Stick on lots and lots of felt letters and numbers. (This one was an "o". Can you tell?)
Ta Da!  All done! She's so proud.
She likes to carry it around with her like it's an accessory. It does make quite the statement.

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  1. What a great idea! You get a mess free project and a cute pumpkin! She is such a cutie!


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