Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gather 'Round

I'm getting pretty excited for Thanksgiving. I love to entertain, and when I say entertain, I mostly mean the desserts and the decor. Really. What else do you need in life? Exactly. It's a good thing the Hubs will be around to help with the rest of the food, which really, isn't that exciting to me. This year, we are having three missionaries from our church over for dinner. They are 19-21 year old boys with big appetites. And, they'll pretty much eat anything. We really can't go wrong, and if we do, they'll just eat it anyway!  
image from Apartment Therapy
image from Samantha Farjo
image from Skona Hem


  1. What a wonderful way to share on Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday. M.

  2. Awh, I remember when members invited us for Thanksgiving when I was a missionary. Mine was wish Hispanic people so it was chicken and rice with Pina Coladas (non alcoholic), but it was great to have somewhere to go and great people to spend it with. They will remember it forever.


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