Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Like Switzerland

The other day, I was talking to the hubs about the fact that I avoid most jewel tones and other bright colors.  My closet is mostly black, white, gray, tan, and cream, and then there's a small section of corals, blues, and other miscellaneous colors. I also mentioned to him that I use almost the exact same palette of neutrals when I decorate our home.  He then said, "So you're kind of like Switzerland."  Yes. I'm kind of like Switzerland.  Neutral.  Hey, I'll take what I can get.  At least I got a response that actually related to the conversation. Do you decorate in the same palette as your wardrobe colors?  Just curious...like George.

image from Traditional Home
image from Samantha Farjo
image from Atlanta Homes

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  1. I am the same. Now that I think of it, my closet consists of 90% gray and black and a 10% mix of blues, purples, and pinks. My walls are grey, my bedspread is purple and white, my furniture is white, and basically anything I use as decor is black, white, purple, blue, or pink. I like my greys and blacks and colour splashes from the same colour palette <3


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