Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be Our Guest

We just had one of our best friends from Milwaukee stay with us for a night while he interviewed for a residency position at Wash U. We had so much fun with him, and Stella can't stop asking for Jeff!  She got attached to him very quickly!  Unfortunately, Sarah and Baby Camden couldn't come along, but hopefully, we'll see them soon! We love having visitors, even though we don't have a guest room. Poor Jeff slept on the couch! I promise that someday, we will have a guest room so nice that you won't want to leave...but then we'll eventually make you leave.  On second thought, maybe it won't be that nice, but just nice!
image from Veranda
image source unknown
image from Coastal Living

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  1. You guys are the best! However, the thing that makes me the most jealous about his trip to see you guys: Jeff knows more about Stella now than me (although I read about "Daddy-O" so I knew that one, ok and I knew of her love of crystal light). Still!


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