Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[color kreyv]: Tangerine Tango

Pantone has announced their 2012 color of the year: Tangerine Tango.  It's not red, it's not orange.  It's right in between, and it's just right! I love it--especially as an accent color.  And, holy cow, how awesome does it look with bright white?! Don't answer that, I already know the answer: VERY. AWESOME. It's bright; it's happy; it's Tangerine Tango, baby!  What's not to like about that?
On an unrelated note, today is day three of my husband's stay-cation. I am loving having him around, but it's going by way too fast. We need to get something Christmasy in before he has to go back to work. Shopping? Yes, please. His idea, not mine.  I know you don't believe me, but it's true. He likes to take me shopping for my Christmas gift.  He has some crazy notion that I am hard to shop for. Wonder where he got that from. In my defense, he is just as hard to shop for as I. (Ok, not really.)
image from Livet Hemma
image from Beach Bungalow 8
image from Midwest Living

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