Monday, December 5, 2011

Fireplace Envy

Know what I've never had in my married life?  A fireplace. Know what I want? A fireplace.  It's starting to get cold in St. Louis,  and nothing beats a toasty fire in the wintertime.  You see, I'm kind of a wimp in the cold...well, to be honest, I'm a wimp in the heat, too, but that's besides the point.  Nobody knows this better than my hubs. This is what Jeremy's response was one time when asked if I was invited to the Packer game:

"Jamie doesn't get invited to outdoor sporting events due to her low tolerance for "extreme" conditions.  Extreme meaning slight breezes which may disorganize a hair or 2, high humidity or slight drizzles which have similar effects on her plus some undesired effects on her make-up, and finally, temperatures beyond her comfort range of 75-76 degrees." What can I say?  It's not far from the truth.  BUT, in my defense, I have suffered through five Wisconsin winters and two St. Louis summers.  I think they do more than "disorganize my hair!"

image from HGTV
image from Chic Cam
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  1. I LOVE the first one! I want one now too!

  2. And I know just where to get them!!!! My dad owns a fireplace shop here. They have gas, wood, and even electric ones! I want a fireplace in our house but it's a bit small for the one I want. So we will just have to wait for the next house and then I'll be running to pick out my fireplace then!

  3. I also want a fireplace, I love all the ideas I see on decorating a mantel, unfortunately I don't have one. :( One day I better!

  4. You said it, sister! Guys (especially follicularly challenged ones like your husband)just don't understand what it's like to have your hair blowing around, getting stuck in your lip gloss! ;)

  5. jake says that i'm only comfortable in 70 degrees to 75 degrees. anything above or below i'm not liking. i especially hate the heat. i would take a cold winter by the fire any day. we never had a fireplace until we moved in to our home and i love it. we have yet to get the fire going but i know we will. i just love that i can decorate a mantle.

  6. If you ever want to practice decorating a mantel for when you get a fireplace, I'll be happy to let you practice on mine! ;) Mine is usually is either emptyish or full of confiscated toys since I can't seem to make it look like all those magazine mantels.


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