Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Call Me Nature Girl

Since I forgot to post pictures of our Thanksgiving tablescape, here they are. I  gathered the leaves from our front yard and strategically placed them on the table. When we sat down to eat, Jeremy said, "Ok, can we get rid of the leaves, now?" I gave him "the look," and he carefully placed every single one of them back where they belonged.  The woman look comes in handy sometimes.

On Monday, Jeremy, Stella, and I went and gathered sticks for the Christmas tablescape.  My cute husband had no idea what I had in mind and brought some type of power saw.  Don't get me wrong, I might need that sometime, but I opted for the smaller, lighter branches this time.  Poor Jeremy, he never knows what decorating shenanigans I will throw at him next. I'm so lucky that he plays along with me...even if he is rolling his eyes along the way!


  1. very cute, Jamie! My hubbby is the same way. When I tell him I have a surprise for him when he gets home, I can hear the tone in his voice change as he says oh great what did you do now. Hey at least we try to make things look nice!

  2. I love bringing natural in. Your tablescapes look great!

  3. What a beautiful tablescape and I love what you did with the Christmas idea! And what a sweet husband you have.... good ones like him (and mine) are hard to find.

    Just now visiting you back from my SITS day... (I'm sure you can understand with little ones that can take some time). Thanks so much for sharing with us on our feature day... hope you found some recipes your family will enjoy and that you have a wonderful 2012!


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