Monday, January 9, 2012


So there I was finishing up a sushi dinner (paid for with a Groupon) with my beautiful family. Just minding my own business, trying to be thrifty with my Groupon, and that's where it all started.  Right next door in the window of an unknown furniture store...

Jeremy and I had decided we were going to get two armchairs to go in our living room.  I love the chairs that we already had in there, but they just weren't the big, comfy, we can actually entertain because there's enough seating chairs we originally wanted. I'm sure you're all aware that armchairs are a fortune!  They usually range from $600-$900 (at least the ones I like, and yes, there will be a lot of justification in this post). The ones I found that night, when I wasn't even looking, were way clearanced for WAY less than what one would expect to pay for such awesomeness. 

During the next few days, I looked at a few other stores, just to make sure. I decided I wanted the chairs, so we went back to the store, and I paid. But, you see, on the way home is where this story really starts:  I decided that I really wanted the matching couch as well.

This is a big, fat, long story, but I do have to give you some background, so you can appreciate the total ridiculousness of my furniture adventures.  Flashback to a year and a half ago. When we moved to St. Louis a year and a half ago, we sold the couch and chair that I loved, because I wanted more seating...yes, I do have a practical side--sometimes. We sold the couch and bought another along with two chairs. We got them home, and I hated them, like, "What have I done, I'm sick to my stomach," hate. We paid an additional fee to have the furniture that we just paid to have delivered returned. So, let me recap: sold couch I loved, bought couch I hated, returned couch I hated, and now have no couch. Let's continue...bought couch at Pier 1, returned couch to Pier 1, bought another couch at Pier 1 and settled with that one. I won't even go into the chairs, rugs, and pillows that accompanied this big mess of buying and returning. 

So, here I was only about a year later thinking I wanted a new couch. Did I even dare say what I was thinking out loud? I did. "I kind of want to sell our couch, and get the new one." Poor, poor Jeremy.  Is there a St. Jeremy? There should be.  A saint for putting up with his wife's shenanigans. This was ridiculous.  Absurd. Out. Of. Control. Seriously, I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried. I'm almost embarrassed, and if you want to judge me, it will be the one time in my life that I would be okay with it.

I posted the sofa on Craigslist with no luck. I called the furniture store to find out how many couches they had left: one. They said they would hold it for me, and they would call me if they had someone else who was interested. Now, I really had to have this couch, but I couldn't just buy a couch, with a perfectly good couch sitting at home.  Or, could I? The moment Jeremy walked into the house with the first chair, the phone rang. It was the furniture store.  Someone else wanted the couch, so I bought it. The old(er) couch is now sitting in my dining room next to the table that is pushed up against the window. It's kind of like our little den, except for it's not a den. It's a dining room, and it shouldn't have a random couch in it. It's not cool at all, except you know what is cool? My new furniture! 

So, I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have pictures yet. I am writing this post late on Saturday night, and my husband needs to take the computer to work for a 24 hour shift.  It's not like I can say no to him at this point.  I mean, he not only puts up with my house full of furniture, but he also spent five hours of his day off driving back and forth picking up pieces of furniture (only one piece fit in our car at a time).  You know what this guy says? It's worth it if it makes me happy.  Ahhhh, he's such a good guy, and besides reminding me that I'm the luckiest girl in the world, it also makes me think that A) I can't wait until he goes into private practice and REALLY makes me happy, and B) If he thinks he's breaking me down, so that he can get the handgun he wants, he is sorely mistaken.  Just sayin'. (Ok, ok, I'm totally joking about the private practice comment, I'm already REALLY happy.  And the gun comment? Not joking one bit. Never going to happen, my friends, never going to happen.)


  1. i love your story! it makes me think of what jake has to deal with from me. i'm so ridiculous as well with decorating. i went through two rugs to find the one i wanted for our living room and had to pay the shipping. ouch! jake just said "whatever makes you happy." i think he realizes that shopping really is therapy for me. i get a buzz from it. so maybe it's an addiction. we should go to rehab together. anyway, i can't wait to see what it all looks like. i have been itchin' to get a new sofa. but we won't be doing that until we carpet the basement to put the old one down there. this will be hard for me. patience is not my strong suit.

  2. I have ridiculous out of place furniture all over my house Jamie. I too have a couch in my dining room next to my table. Sadly it has been there over a year and our addition still isn't finished. I am making Tony completly nuts with all my ksl and thrift store purchases. I have to keep reminding him about all the money I am saving us as I shove things here and there, but hey it will all be worth it in the end. Can't wait to see your new couches.

  3. Makes sense to me. I always have issues with making sure I get the furniture right, too. Hubby purchased our last set and I sigh inwardly every time I look at them. :) Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! :)


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