Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[color kreyv]: Pale Pink

Today is February, people. FEBRUARY! Was it not just Christmas? And, now it's time for Valentine's Day. Time for reds and pinks.  Beautiful, beautiful pale pink. I would never have thought I would consider painting a room pink, but I must say, I LOVE these rooms, and they're not even little girl rooms. Totally chic. And the Phoebe Howard room? Yes please. I'll take every single bit of it. Gorgeous!
image from Design Fabulous
image from Phoebe Howard
image from Trove Interiors


  1. I love pink but I don't think my family would be on board with a pink room. I do love looking at how other people pull it off though:)

  2. That Phoebe Howard room is to die for!! I am so pinning this.

  3. I am a pinkaholic. My sorority colors were pink and white and our flower was a carnation so I'm drawn to pink big time. You better believe if I have a girl someday she'll be all about the pink!


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