Monday, February 6, 2012

I'd Look Good in That

There is just something totally glamorous about a four poster bed. If I had to choose a new bed (I'm sure I'd really need some arm-twisting), I would definitely go with a four poster. In fact, I've wanted a four poster ever since I was little and fell in love with my neighbor Gayle's canopy bed. (Everything she had was THE coolest.)

I had a four poster bed when I was in high school. It's still at my mom's house. I talked my mom into letting me sell my entire bedroom set, and then I got a queen size four poster bed. I had no other furniture in the room. There wasn't enough space, but man, that bed was awesome! It was actually my third bed I had as a child--right after my daybed phase. Apparently I've always had this furniture buying, room changing sickness--unless it's normal for children ask for new furniture and wallpaper for Christmas. Every year. Starting at age six. 
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  1. Now I'm curious what else you asked for when it was your birthday!


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