Monday, February 13, 2012

Not Too Shabby

I have always wanted to design a shabby chic guest room. I know, I know, that puts me at like ten guest rooms.  So...let's just say I need to rethink some things, but for now, let's just admire my vivid imagination, shall we? I love a little shabby chic as long as it is not overdone. (Especially love those overlapping frames in the first image. Gorg. Looks like a great diy to me.) As for this imaginary house of mine, who wants to come stay in it? Rumor has it that the guest rooms are spectacular, which totally makes up for the subpar food.
image from Elle Decor
image from A Beach Cottage
image from Euro Antique Market


  1. Love them! First one's my favorite!

  2. First one is definitely my favorite! I'm not usually into shabby chic. Most times it's too much shabby not enough chic!

  3. I love the layers of the frames. So unique...


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