Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today I Make the Bed

Thanks so much for all the get well wishes. Being in the house for a week straight is a LONG time, and it's good to hear from the outside world. You know what else is good? Friends. Friends dropping off meals (thanks, Kellie), offering to clean or do laundry (I'd have to be on my death bed to ever let anyone do that), random emails, lots of offers to take Stella, and friends that just call and say they are taking Stella for the day, and then next thing you know, there they are at your house. Thanks, Karma...not only did you allow me to get lots of rest, but you also made me hurry and jump in the shower to wash my hair before you got to my house! I needed that, trust me.

I'm not sure what the deal is with this body of mine, but this virus has had me down for the count. I feel a little wimpy, I'm not going to lie! I think the worst of it is over, though, and if not, I'm over it. Today, I'm making the bed--even if Jeremy unmakes it 10 minutes later, so he can sleep. Today, I'm getting dressed (in real clothes). Today, I'm leaving the house, even if it's just for a little while. And, if I'm feeling really crazy, I might even put make-up on--might. As for now, I'm taking a sleeping pill, so I can pretend to feel good tomorrow whether my body likes it or not.

image from Our Haven Our Home 
image from Thomas O'Brien
image from West Elm


  1. Wow these are amazing beds... I really need to make mine more, that was one of my resolutions and it totally rarely happens!! xo

  2. It's hard to be a sick mommy. Hope you are completely better tomorrow. LOVE the beds!


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