Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mixing Metals, Don't Mind If I Do...

Remember when you absolutely did not mix silver and gold? It was one or the other. Well, guess what: SO not the rule anymore. Mix. It. Up. I just bought my first gold item--an itty, bitty fabulous gold frame, and I can't wait to add more gold to me casa. (Sometimes I go all bilingual on myself, wait till I pull out la francais. Correction: trilingual.) Mixing metals gives such a cool, collected look which I've decided is something I'm lacking in my house. So, I've pretty much got to take care of that problem, because nobody likes a problem, right? Sigh*. The things I do for my family...
image source unknown
image from Zoldan Interiors
image from Kelly Wearstler via Pinterest

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