Monday, April 9, 2012

[reader request]: The Perfect Gray

Laura is one of my friends that I met while living in Milwaukee. While my hubs was doing medical school, her hubs was doing residency. Long story short, she's having fun decorating a new nursery for a brand new baby, probably buying things I would be jealous of. Her husband has a real job. My husband is still a resident. I'm not bitter.

I digress. Laura is decorating a nursery and needs the perfect shade of gray for the walls. Gray can be a tricky color, because different shades can look brown, blue, and even purple--none of which Laura wants. My favorite grays for a nursery are subtle and not too dark, like the colors listed below. 

I'm sure you all know this, but I like to hear myself talk so much(or I guess type in this case) that I'm going to tell you anyway. One: It's SO worth it to buy paint samples and try it in your space. You never know what the paint will look like in YOUR room with YOUR natural and artificial lighting. And, two, use the brand of paint that is your favorite. I always use Behr paint, but I use swatches from all over the place. I've never had issues with matching a swatch from a different brand. Just my opinion...

Have fun for me, Laura. I'll just be here in St. Louis for two more years while my husband finishes residency living vicariously through those of you that are DONE
image from 6th Street Design School :: Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore
image from Emily A. Clark :: Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore
image from 320 Sycamore :: Fossil Gray by Glidden
image from Sharps Farm :: Dolphin by Martha Stewart

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  1. I actually just talked to my husband about the perfect grey =) I love 'Light Pewter' by Benjamin Moore. It is the softest, most subtle grey. No blue. It will be gracing our walls very soon and I'll definitely use it in a clients nursery.


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