Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jenny Lind: All Grown Up

I think we're all familiar with the famous Jenny Lind cribs. They're cute, they're classic, and I quite like them, but I'm not in LOVE with them. But, Jenny Lind beds? Forget about it. Uh-freaking-mazing. I would have loved to get Stella one of Land of Nod's new Jenny Lind beds. I mean, they're such a steal at only $550. And really, I would want two, so, let's see, $1100 plus two mattresses and box springs...my family really doesn't need to eat, right?
image from Horchow
image from Phoebe Howard
image from Land of Nod


  1. I have always been a Jenny Lind fan...and I love that I'm seeing it mixed with modern pieces as well. And the Land of Nod beds...so stinkin cute!


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