Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[color kreyv]: Ombre

Oh my goodness. I have had so much fun the last two weeks, but I'll be honest,I am wiped. Out (yes, still). People, the days of staying up late (as in after 10:00pm) are oh-ver. I know. I'm crazy like that. But, let's talk about something almost as fun as sleep: ombre. Love it...especially in pinks and corals. I'm thinking of doing a big ombre statement piece in Stella's room, which is moving along pretty slowly, and by pretty slowly, I mean not so much at all. But, trust me, her room is super amazing in my brain. Give me a week or so to recover, and then I'm totally on it.
image source unknown
image from Livet Hemma
image from Martha Stewart

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