Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

You know when you have an idea like redoing your daughter's room less than a year before you move...and then it turns into a much bigger project than you thought it would...but you don't want to say anything to your husband, because he will say, "I told you so?" Yeah, me neither. BUT, if I did, I wouldn't tell him how tired and frustrated I am that all of Stella's clothing baskets and everything else that doesn't have a home are stacked so high and so tightly into her bathroom, that I can't even get in. And, I wouldn't tell him that I put polycrylic on the armoire, but it doesn't look quite right. Or, that I believed all of the no-sew pillow tutorials on line, and that in fact, sticky hem is not a good idea for pillows, but it sure is fun spending too much time giving it a try. Or, that I've been back and forth to Hobby Lobby so many times that I don't even like that store any more (until tomorrow when I'll inevitably need to go back). Or, that I'm so tired that I started this post with a big, fat run-on sentence. *Sigh. Nothing like spending all day working and feeling like you've done nothing. Oh well. No biggie, it will be over with soon, and then I'll want to start all over again on another room, because, really, I'm kind of having fun. I just might need a day of laying in this bed, closing  the canopy, and doing nothing, because that's fun, too.
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