Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dining Rooms, Galleries, and Chocolate Chips

I love a good gallery wall and really, what better place for a gallery than in a dining room? I could just sit right at the table, eat my frozen chocolate chips and gaze at all of the beautiful pictures. I continue to buy said chocolate chips --you know, for all the baking I do think about doing. Funny thing is, I haven't used chocolate chips for baking in a LONG time, but the chocolate chips keep on needing replacing.  On second thought, maybe it's not so funny.
image from Desire to Inspire
image from Design Sponge
image from Charlie & Co. Design


  1. Yes! Agree. It is the perfect place for a gallery wall. I especially love the top image. xo

  2. I get you!!! I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough and it is my #1 stress food of all!!!!!
    Even my girls rather me not bake them!
    Oh an I love gallery walls too! Thinking about adding one to my small tv room!
    Dropping by from SITS!
    recreate and decorate

  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cures everything :)
    The Gallery Walls are beautiful.


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