Monday, August 27, 2012

Sometimes We Like to Pretend

Here's a little known fact about Mr. Hubs: it's a dream of his to get his pilot's license some day. (Seriously? How about we finish residency before we start thinking of second careers and ridiculously expense hobbies? Just sayin.') Anyway, he came home the other day with some "great news". He had spoken to a colleague who has a pilot's license, and you know what? A little plane really isn't "that much money."  Here's the thing, they do cost a lot. A LOT. But guess what. If we're playing that game, these aren't really "that much money" either. And since I'll have left over, I'll take the Audi, too. And a house. With a chef. Oh, and can someone pay off our medical school debt and give us a heaping helping of cash? Thanks, you're the best, kind stranger.
image from Williams Sonoma
image from Old House Online
image from Audi

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