Thursday, September 27, 2012

[so cheap, so easy]: Looking Glass Pumpkins

Looking Glass paint is definitely on my list of things to try. You spray it on the inside of glass, and you get this super awesome shine. I bet you're wishing you hadn't gotten rid of all of those glass vases under your sink, right? By the way, why do people keep them there? Garbage can, dish soap, cleaner, and glass vases. Random...OR maybe not so random for people who can actually keep a plant alive, so they keep the vases near the water. (Just explained that one to myself.) Anyway, if you happen to have any pumpkin shaped vases under there, get them out and spray them! Check out the original post at Designs that Inspire to Create Your Perfect Home.
image from Pottery Barn


  1. I was just reading reviews of that product and most of the reviewers were saying that you needed about 5 coats of spray to get the desired effect. That would probably work on something small, but might get expensive for larger projects. Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a complainer.

  2. OMG! That is so funny about keeping the vases under the sink. Totally where mine are at and I cannot keep a plant alive for anything;o) Love the pumpkins!


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