Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[color kreyv]: Black & Gray

I love black and gray (and of course you've got to throw in a little bit of white). I know it sounds all gloomy and dark, but it's not. With the right gray, lighting, and use of black as an accent, it's quite delightful. Yes. Quite delightful. Opposite of the nights I've been having. It's crazy how a few mosquito bites can go unnoticed all day long until the moment you try to sleep, and then they itch like crazy. How do those little creatures know to bite you right on your ankles and toes? How did this post go from black and gray to mosquitos? I have no idea. There's no connection. No connection whatsoever.  Now, let's just look at the pretty pictures and try not to think about our mosquito bites, shall we?
image from Jenny Abbot Interiors
image from Sarah Richardson
image from 30 Elm

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