Monday, November 5, 2012

Double Sinks, Please

Let's get one thing straight: As much as I love and adore Mr. Hubs, we don't need to be sharing space while we both try to spit our toothpaste down the sink. Sounds attractive, right? Oh, it is--if by attractive you mean annoying.  Or, how about when your eyes are full of make-up and remover, ready to be rinsed, but alas, you must wait with your eyes closed. That's fun, too.  I'm convinced: King size beds + double sinks = marital bliss.
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Apartment Therapy

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  1. Ha ha ha ha i love this!! i totally agree with you! We've been in rentals since we were married which has meant a single sink the whole while. But we also have had a king-sized bed our whole marriage and it makes a HUGE difference. If we're ever staying with friends and are on a queen we get no sleep and wake up not too happy!

    When can we have our own custom houses right?? How long are we supposed to wait for those?

    Hope you guys are doing well! Do you have an instagram? i want to follow you :)


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