Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is Coming! Christmas is Coming!

Excited? Me? Heck yes I am! Let's just say, all of my Christmas shopping was done in October. My Christmas cards are ready to be mailed. And, we've already had breakfast with Santa! I love Christmas, and I especially love it this year, because Stella is three, and even though the only things she really wants from Santa are candy hooks, she kind of gets it. (That was a really long sentence. Apparently, I "run on" when I get excited.) And, as if that's not fun enough, my mom will be here for a week to join in on the holiday fun! Twenty-one days, people! Twenty-one days! BE EXCITED!
image from Say Yes to Hoboken
image from Jones Design Company
image from Good Housekeeping


  1. Love it! Christmas is so much fun when the munchkins get what is going on and know how to rip open presents. Have a good one.

  2. While I am not as prepared as you seem to be, I share you excitement! Love all the pics!


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