Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Mr. Hubs and I have always said that when we have a family of our own, we would stay home all day long on Christmas Day...maybe in our jammies, maybe not...whatever we feel like. I can't wait to spend Christmas day at our home with the people I love. Hope you enjoy your family this Christmas season, too. (By the way, if you are in our extended family, and weren't aware of our "staying at our own house" policy, here's your official notice...just so there are no surprises when we move to Utah. Gotta go, bye!) Merry Christmas! 


  1. I don't see my Christmas card on your wall - but I will assume that's because it's framed in your bedroom. :)

  2. I WISH I was going to be home for the holidays. The fam wants to go away this year... but that didn't stop me from having a tree and decorating and baking and present wrapping and....!
    Any ways, your house looks fabulous as usual!!! LOVE your polka dot gift wrap and the white sash that holds your wreath up.
    Merry Christmas Joyal Family <3

    PS. I have a new blog now.


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