Thursday, December 13, 2012

[so cheap, so easy]: Pages Wreath

You see a project on Pinterest. You attempt it. It's super easy. It's super cheap, AND you love it. You know how that hardly ever happens? Well, it happened! I used this tutorial from Boxers, Cleats, and Me. I tweaked it just a bit. I used a magazine with thick, stiff pages. I used about two 80 page magazines. I originally used a wire hanger, but because I used so much paper, the round wreath slowly started to become an oval. I found a thicker metal hoop from Hobby Lobby, broke it so that I could thread the paper through, and used duct tape to close it. I also went back through and hot glued some of the paper together in the 2:00 and 11:00 positions where it is most likely to slide down. Remember to use lots of paper, because it will settle as the folds crease a little more over time. Cute and cheap (the hoop was less than $2.00). DIY doesn't get any better than that. AND, it only took me 42 minutes or two episodes of How I Met Your Mother aka my new favorite show. (NEXT to Friends, of course.) Just think, you could have made this wreath in the time it took you to read this post...and sorry for the rambling. I'm done, now. 

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  1. This is getting made for my front door! Simple and beautiful!

  2. Hey, new follower from the Blog Hop over at Our Reflection. What a great idea! So cute and simple. :)


  3. Wow what a great idea!
    Hi I'm a new follower from the monthly hop!
    Look forward to reading more :)


  4. This is so cute!!! I love how versatile it would be too-a year long wreath!!! Stopping by from the hop! New follower via GFC and twitter!
    Lish @ Imprintalish

  5. Happy Holidays. Visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop! Please visit my blog & follow if you haven't already. :)


  6. super cute! i love it! thanks for sharing your version and some inspiration ♥


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