Monday, January 14, 2013

Livin' the Life

Are we so over the entire world having the flu, or what? Sheesh! This is crazy! My poor Stella woke up from her nap with an ear infection. We haven't had that yet, so why not? Luckily, she is such a champ when she is sick, but it breaks a momma's heart. 

In other news, I am dying over these bathrooms. Die. Ing. If only they came with a nanny to could keep kids out while mommy was in there. Miss Thang hears a bathroom door shut and instantly needs mommy. Daddy? Never.  And then there's the phone. That's the signal to turn on the whining.  Ahhh, livin' the life. Love it!
image from Amelia T. Handegan, Inc. via Cococozy
image source unknown
image source unknown

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