Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[color kreyv]: Blush

Blush, not to be confused with light pink or pale pink, is my favorite shade of pink. It's beautiful and peaceful. And, speaking of peaceful, I have no voice. I diagnosed myself with laryngitis. It's really not my best or most difficult diagnosis; afterall, I can't speak. It was really a no brainer. (You may not know this about me, but I always try to beat Mr. Hubs to the correct diagnosis. It's a sick game, I know, but it gives me a chance to gloat when I'm right. Gloating is key to any happy marriage.) I've never lost my voice before. It was literally just all of a sudden gone. Gone. And who knew it would be so necessary to have a voice with a three year old who constantly asks, "Mommy, you still have a birus in your boice?" Hopefully, it doesn't get any worse than no voice and a sore throat, because tomorrow, I medicate. That's right. I'm going to the outlets to get my shop on. Best. Medicine. Ever.
image from Lonny Mag
image from Phoebe Howard via House Beautiful
image from Elle Decoration UK


  1. i think that could be my new favorite shade of pink. i would love to have a taste of that in my room.

  2. oh great minds do think alike! whenever i hear the term 'blush' i'm instantly reminded of that scene from steel magnolias... blush & bashful... not pink & pink!


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