Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[color kreyv]: Mint Green

I know mint green is nothing new, but geez, I have really been craving it. It must be my hormones. I don't know how hormones could crave color, but I can usually blame just about everything else on hormones, so I'm going with that. The sad thing about the color mint is that I don't own any. I should get on that, stat. So, in summary:  I need something mint....and probably some chocolate, just to be safe. 
image from Thornton Design
image source unknown
image from Better Homes & Gardens


  1. Mint and chocolate just make me hungry. It looks awesome. Any color scheme that makes me hungry is A-OK in my book. And I can't even blame hormones.

    Good stuff! First-time visiting.

  2. This makes me think I want some mint green somewhere in my house. Never thought of it before I saw it here.

  3. I'm dying for mint skinny jeans (when I'm back in my normal size)! But I also can't wait for Saturday when I can eat chocolate. Kind of negates the other.

  4. I am totally loving that first picture...I am not even a huge mint green person, but it is gorgeous in that photo. :)

  5. love it!:)
    Would you like to follow each other?:)
    firmoo GA on my blog:))

  6. I've definitely seen a lot of mint green out there for spring wardrobes, but it's such a tricky color to wear. Seeing all those home photos makes me want to put some of it in our house now too!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I'm loving the mint green trend right now too, and don't have a single piece of it!

    Jenna @

  8. LOL, I blame EVERYTHING on my hormones. But mint is spectacular. I mean, really. It is such a soothing color and looks perfectly pretty everywhere.


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