Monday, March 25, 2013

First Things First | Above the Couch

In one week, it will be April. That means that we will only have three months more in St. Louis before we move to Utah. Moving is such a pain, BUUUT it also means a new space to decorate. Of course, I've been thinking about important things like what I'm going to put over the couch in our next place. There's just one problem: We don't exactly have a wall over our couch. Or a place to live. I feel a mini freak out coming on.
image from Tobi Fairley
image from Lonny
image from Room & Board via Trad Home


  1. We've moved around a little because of the air force. It's always nerve-wracking not knowing where you'll be next. It'll all work out, though! It always does! :) Until then, start packing slowly and enjoy your last few months in that beautiful place you've made so many memories with your family. Can't wait to see what you do with your next place!

  2. Wow that first space is really stunning!! Good luck with your move. I moved cross country twice. From NY to Seattle and then back again from Seattle to NY.

    Ali of

  3. I must admit that we've just got a giclee print above our sofa, and nothing else. It's mostly because the husband and I can't agree on what to do and I've had too many ideas over the years. Love the inspiration here...but the drum shade in the last picture really caught my attention!

  4. That does sound stressful! Moving is in my near future as well. Breathe!

  5. As you said that, it just occurred to me that we've been living in this apartment for five months and there's absolutely nothing above our couch. How did that escape me until just now? ::mini freak out::

    Oh, and happy Sharefest!


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