Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sneak Peek: Lish | imprintalish

Today, I will be featuring the home of Lish from imprintalish. Lish has such a great blog with a little bit of everything: diy, photography, fashion, recipes, decor, and family. Check out her favorite space, then go take a look at her blog and etsy shop. That sounded bossy...but you really should check it out!

Hehey! My name is Lish, and I am the creator behind imprintalish, a lifestyle blog that focuses on photography and pretty things. I love to be inspired by things around me, and that's what I hope to translate through my blog, from photographing every day moments to curating beautiful finds! As a mama to two little guys, a wife of almost ten years, a designer and small business owner, finding balance is a constant battle, but I find refuge in nail polish and a good diy!
My favorite space in our house is the kitchen. As a chronic DIY'er, I always have something on the go in each room in my house...pillows for the kids' rooms, photos for the master bedroom, desk chair for my office...The kitchen is the only room that I can say is officially done, which is why it's my favorite. 
Although very small, the kitchen connects all of our rooms. The kids run through there a million times a day, when I'm not making meals and snacks, I'm quickly putting together some projects or sketching up some brilliant plan at the counter, putting dishes away or quickly flipping through a magazine. 

Right off the kitchen is my office, and that's where I spend my 'other' hours, so the kitchen is never far from sight or mind. It truly is the hub of our home and speaks volumes in terms of my personal style! From the colorful curtains, the chicken wire pendant lamp, to the quirky photo wall, this whole space is totally me! See more of the design process here!

images from imprintalish


  1. Lish has a gorgeous space ! Love how she decorated it .

    xo Meg

  2. I LOVE her kitchen too - especially the chicken wire light. So fun and useable! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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