Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sneak Peek: Robyn | Cleverly Yours

Today, we will be peeking inside the home of fashion blogger, Robyn from Cleverly, Yours. Check out her favorite space, then hop on over to her blog to see more of her and her style.

Hello, lovely readers! I am Robyn from Cleverly, Yours, where I blog about life, fashion, and funny things from time to time. I am a Utah girl who grew up in a small town but have anything but a small town sense for fashion! I love my husband, and I love what I do. I would love for you to come by anytime and read a little more about me! Every once in a while, I will post pictures of my home, and I am so excited to be sharing one of my favorite spaces with you all today!
Today, I am showing off my office, which is very simple, but still one of my favorite places to be in my home! I've realized in a quick hurry, when trying to fill my new home, less is almost always more and usually looks so much cleaner! Especially when decorating a more modern designed home, I have found that I have wanted to let the modern pieces and design in the home do the majority of my decorating. However, when it came to my office, I had a few ideas in mind.
I wanted a clean look and things that wouldn't distract from when I am working in my office, so I stuck with a clean, white desk with fun black and white accents here and there. The little fur overhang on my desk was actually an accident when I just placed it there to get it out of my way when deciding what to do with it. I ended up loving how it looked on top of the desk!
What kind of fashion blogger would I be without fashion magazines?! I follow up and read as much as I can and have to include these lovelies into my space (without looking cluttered, of course)!
My simple, yet fabulous (and I might I add real) bamboo sticks are another favorite, along with my little peace sign guy. More simplicity, and when I see bamboo, it reminds me of spas and zen-like things, so I want to have bamboo all over my house! (Funny that I mention that, because my floors are actually a dark stained bamboo, so technically, I DO have it all over my house!)
A classic (and often used) photo of Audrey Hepburn was a must. I love the classics, and Audrey Hepburn is an absolute fashion icon. Plus, this photo is so classy!
images from Cleverly Yours
I hope you love my space as much as I do, and feel free to stop by my blog to see lots more of my spaces as well as my take on fashion! XOXO, Cleverly, Yours...


  1. Love how Robyn has decorated her office. Very classy and chic!!
    Mary Alice

  2. Such a great space! Love the desk!


  3. OMG her space is SO cute! Love the pillow and throw... makes the room so inviting!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  4. Her office is AMAZING love how its elegant , great post hun. Sneak peeks are always great, hope you've had a great start to the week.

    xo Meg<3


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