Thursday, March 21, 2013

[so cheap, so easy]: Things to Spray Paint

I first have to say thank you for your comments on yesterday's post. Whether we agree or not, it's always nice to see another's perspective. But, enough about parenting, let's talk spray paint. Here are a few projects I pinned to my Crafty Stuff board. They're pretty much ideal for several reasons: they're super cute; they're cheap; they're easy; and if you don't like how they turn out, you throw them away, because let's be honest, they were made with junk in the first place.
image from The Hunted Interior
image from The Polka Dot Chair
image from Jennifer Rizzo


  1. OMG! The trophies are adorable - my boys have tons of those just sitting stacked up in their closet.

  2. Wow! They are all so beautiful. I especially like the trophies.

  3. OMG I am a spray painting crazy person! In fact, I was just in the garage spray painting some old necklaces to give them a new life!

Holly Foxen Wells


  4. So I MUST do those trophies! LOVE this idea! My husband has a ton in boxes (that he won't get rid of!) They would be cute decor in my son's room.


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