Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[color kreyv]: Gray

Guess what. The sun came out today. And it was magical and wonderful and delightful and any other good adjective you can think of. Know why? Because it was in my "range." Just ask Mr. Hubs...he kind of has me figured out. This was his response to an email when someone invited us to a football game: Jamie doesn't get invited to outdoor sporting events due to her low tolerance for "extreme" conditions. Extreme meaning slight breezes which may disorganize her hair, high humidity, or slight drizzles which have similar effects on her plus some undesired effects on her make-up, and finally, temperatures beyond her comfort range of 75-76 degrees. It may or may not be slightly exaggerated, but the man knows where I stand.  We have an honest relationship. For instance, I can let him know that he's not that funny when he writes things like that.

P.S. In my defense, this was an invitation to a Packers game. Those are out of most people's comfort range, with the exception of Eskimos and, of course, Packers fans. 

P.P.S.  This post has nothing to do with gray except for the fact that I started out thinking about how happy I was that the skies weren't gray today. Sometimes I get distracted. 
image from Car Mobel
image from Jean Larette Interior Design
image from Sissy + Marley


  1. Ha! At least people know where you stand. I used to not care about extremes but now that I'm old I choose not to go out in temps above 80 unless I'm in a swim suit.

  2. You crack me up! I must say that Jeremy is pretty funny too!


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