Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Displaying Children's Books with Picture Ledges

I have wanted to create a book wall for quite some time. We found out we were moving over a year ago, so I thought I might save our walls from additional holes and save Mr. Hubs from patching said additional holes. Plus, it's kind of a need-to-live-close-to-an-Ikea project, because that's where I would buy the ledges. I'm a huge advocate of being able to see book covers. It's the (retired) second grade teacher in me, but let's be honest, it also looks super cute. I can't wait to do this in our next place. 

P.S. I also want the stripes, but we'll save that little bit of good news after Mr. Hubs finishes his boards and gets in a few rounds of golf. Timing is everything.
image from Elizabeth Sullivan Design via House & Home
image from Jones Design Company
image from Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Love this idea! A fun and functional way to display. :)



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