Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Store. On a Door...

...Or on the floor, or in a...I got nothin'. (And now, you're trying to think of a good word, arentcha? Let me know what you come up with.)Anywho, you may or may not know this, but I really love to organize. Love. It. People are always like, "Hey, you should come organize my house," and I'm always disappointed that they're not really serious. Don't play with my emotions, people. 

One of my top organization tips is to use your doors. We have lived in a lot of places with not a lot of storage, and our door storage has saved us. (That sounds so dramatic, but organization saves lives, friends.) There are SO many great products out there that hook on or over a door, and the best part? You can shut the closet door when you don't want to look at it. I was looking at my organization board on pinterest, and found these gems, so I thought I'd share. And, speaking of pinterest and organizing, I spent way too long some time organizing my boards, because, quite frankly, they were a hot mess, and I didn't have anything else to do (like pack up a house). I also added the pin-it button on my blog for your pinning ease. And, lastly...drawer. In a drawer... (It's a word for the end of the poem. What did you come up with?)
image from Edmund Barr via Woman's Day
image from My Sweet Savannah
image from Better Homes & Gardens


  1. Absolutely GENIUS!! Love the idea of the wrapping paper hanging on the door! :)-The Dose Girls

  2. The word for your peom that I came up with is drawer. :) And organizing is my fav too. I do it all the time to get out of mopping floors and cleaning toilets. :)

  3. Ok, that is 100 times better than mine. Totally changing it!

  4. Ah yes, I really need to do this with some of my space. I keep saying I'm going to but I just haven't made time to!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks


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