Monday, July 22, 2013

In the Hot Tub, Sippin' the Bubbly...

...and by bubbly, I mean Crystal Light mixed with Diet Sprite--IF I'm feeling crazy. Poor Miss Stella has had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the move. Ever since we moved to Utah, she is scared. Of. Everything. This is her list: the jetted tub, the lights in the pool, the fridge alarm, the microwave, the basement, the dark, and smoke alarms, but that one's not new, and it's totally understandable. Plus, she all of a sudden doesn't like milk anymore--like stopped drinking it the night we moved to Utah. 

So, we are working on being brave and checking scary things off of our list, which means we bribe reward her with candy. A lot. Thankfully, the jetted tub no longer scares her; although, her baths are pretty speedy, now. It's a good thing, because cleaning the tub is my LEAST favorite job, and I wasn't about to have Jeremy clean two tubs. Anyway, I wanted to post these beautiful bathrooms, and even if they're too scary to use, they sure are pretty.
image source unknown
image from Phoebe Howard via Southern Living
image from Architectural Digest

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