Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kitchen Styling

I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to styling my kitchen counters. In fact, before we moved, my neighbor came in and said, "Are you counters always this empty, or is it because you are moving?" They are always that empty. I do have a few things out on the counter, some for decoration, some out of necessity. But, overall, I kind of like to enjoy a clean, clear, kitchen. And by enjoy, I mean sit and watch someone else cook. Perhaps I'm secretly waiting for that chef I've always wanted. If he or she ever arrives, the kitchen counters will be extra clear...just waiting for some awesome meal to be prepared. In the meantime, here are some kitchen styling ideas that I'm currently loving.
image from Small Shop Studio
image from Martha Stewart
image from The Inspired Room


  1. Most definitely put away! The less things I have to move to wipe around the better! So we really need to get together! We have a pass to thanksgiving point and can get guests in for half price. Stella would love it!

  2. This speaks to me! I love clean counters (and currently I have more than I want on mine, but usually they're cleared)...I actually put a huge closet in my kitchen just so I could keep them cleared!

  3. I love clean counters, too! I always think it looks so nice to have the kitchen tools displayed in a crock or something, but in my house, they just end up getting dusty and not looking very nice. Maybe I'm secretly waiting for a fairy-housekeeper to keep my house clean and shiny!


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