Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[color kreyv]: Indigo

So, before I bore you all with vacuum talk (more on that later), let's talk indigo. I love the indigo in these spaces, and even though I'm typically not a bold color girl, I can definitely get on board with indigo. I especially love the contrast of the white against the indigo. Simply gorg. 

On another note...I need your advice. I need a new vacuum. I'm kind of thinking that the one we got for our wedding 12 years ago is probably ready to go to the vacuum graveyard. It probably wasn't even that awesome in the first place. (Thank goodness we've had wood floors and haven't used it a ton the last eight years!) Anyway, I think it's between Shark and Dyson, and I can't make up my mind. We are able to get a huge discount on a Dyson, so the cost would be comparable, so don't take that into consideration. So, with cost being about the same, which one would you choose: Shark or Dyson, and why do you love it? (Does anyone really love their vacuum?  I really just can't get excited about this purchase...unless it comes with new shoes or new furniture. Or a house.) 
image from Stacey Van Berkel
image from Crate & Barrel
image from Elle Decor


  1. Oh man, that's a no brainer if the cost isn't a factor: DYSON!!
    I've had one Shark product before and never bought another one again because I thought it was poorly made.

  2. Hmmm….when we got new carpet installed last fall I bought the Shark because I could use it without the brushroller. But I know a lot of people love their Dysons too. It might just be up to whatever features you’re looking for in your new home, really.


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