Monday, August 5, 2013

Lovely, Lovely Laundry Rooms

Hey! Long time, no see er, blog...whatever...I haven't blogged for awhile. I have been having family time for the last two weeks. Stella and I went and stayed with my mom while Mr. Hubs was studying for his boards--he wasn't all that entertaining, so we hit the road. Then, my brother and sister came in from out of state with their families. We had such a good time, but I. Am. Tired! 

In other news, I have a big pile of clean laundry sitting on my floor. It's been there for two days, but whatevs. I'll either fold it, or it will eventually disappear as we use it. Again, whatevs. Speaking of laundry, would you die if you had a laundry room like these? Gorgeous. I don't think I would ever come out. It would be perfect. I would shut myself in for hours. My family would think I was slaving over laundry, when really I would just be watching The Real Housewives in between loads--without judgement. Oh, and of course, it would have to be well stocked with chocolate, Oreos, and other things I like to hide from Stella. I think I need one of these eat and watch what I'm not supposed to in private rooms laundry rooms. You?
image from Alyssa Payne via Houzz
image source unknown
image from House of Fifty

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  1. So many beautiful laundry rooms! Much better than our little closet set-up!


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