Monday, August 19, 2013

Naked Floors

Naked floors: what are your thoughts? I am typically a rug girl every time. I love the way a rug adds texture and defines a space, BUT the natural fiber rug I had in my living before is the wrong size here. It just doesn't work. Normally, this would be a good excuse to buy a new rug, but we might only be here for a year, and who knows what I'll want next?!  So...rather than buy a square rug that would better fit into the space, I think I'm just going to enjoy the floors...the bare, naked floors. After all, if you remember correctly, I had to have this place for the fabulous floors wonderful Mr. Hubs did give up an extra garage space for the great floors. I might as well enjoy them. Every bit of them.
image from Marion Alberge
image from Ty Larkins
image from iVillage

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  1. We’ve got hardwood upstairs that spans the kitchen, living room & dining room. The problem is that all three spaces are only separated by a foot or two at the most. So having rugs in each space is just awkward. In the end I settled on keeping the floors naked underneath the kitchen table. The bonus? It’s MUCH easier to clean up the inevitable toddler mess at each mealtime!


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